Additional equipment

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Air pre-heating: No sticking in wet weather and at high application rates

The high-capacity oil cooler prevents any overheating of the oil circuit. At the same time, the blower fan of the seed drill sucks air for the delivery route through the fins on the cooler. The heated air effectively prevents the sticking of seed and fertiliser at high application rates and in wet weather.

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Seed pipe monitoring: Everything under control

Another useful system to assist the driver is the optionally available seed pipe monitoring which immediately detects any blockages at the coulter and in the seed pipe. Sensors directly behind the distributor head monitor the seed flow in the seed pipes. The system automatically detects when the drill is tramlining.

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Tractor wheel mark eradicators

For the operation on light or unconsolidated soils, and as an option, tractor wheel mark eradicators are available. The wheel marks are loosened and levelled. Hydraulic control enables automatic lowering and lifting on the headland or when folding for transport.

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Lights for road travel

The seed drill fulfils all road traffic requirements concerning transport safety with a lighting kit for road transport.

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LED work light packages

The seed drill is also available with high-performance LED work lights.

The options:

  • Self-contained 2-fold LED work lights with their own power supply and switch
  • Integrated 4-fold LED work lights, controllable via the ISOBUS machine actuation
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Filling auger – quick and safe filling

A filling auger is also available as an option for the trailed seed drill. The filling auger allows quick and easy filling directly from a transfer trailer vehicle.

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