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RoTeC pro-Schar – Das universelle Einscheibenschar (1) RoTec_pro_Exaktstriegel_114_d1_190913

RoTeC pro coulter – The universal single disc coulter

RoTeC pro coulters are maintenance-free and work very reliably, even with large amounts of straw and plant residues. The cutting disc ensures that the soil is opened and the furrow former provides a clean and well-shaped seed furrow. The Control 10 depth guidance disc or the Control 25 depth guidance roller prevent the soil from sticking to the sowing disc, thereby ensuring that the pre-selected sowing depth is precisely maintained.

Advantages of the RoTeC pro coulter

  • High-performance single disc coulter for wet and cohesive soil types
  • High level of self-cleaning through the depth guidance roller
  • Decoupling of coulter guidance and reconsolidation
  • Up to 55 kg additional coulter pressure
  • Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment

The maintenance-free RoTeC pro single disc coulter

  1. Exact adjustment in 4 steps
  2. Reinforced support arm with a coulter pressure of up to 55 kg. Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment.
  3. Self-cleaning Control 10 depth guidance discs and Control 25 depth guidance rollers for the exact adjustment of the placement depth
  4. Furrow former for a clean profile seed furrow
  5. Sowing disc ∅ 400 mm made of boron steel, working angle of 7°, for smooth operation of the coulter
  6. Exact harrow for excellent seed coverage
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Geniale unabhängige Tiefenführung von Schar und Striegel (1) Cirrus_3003_Compact_Case_d0_kw__8071234_d1_200528

Ingenious independent depth control of coulter and following harrow

One of the unbeatable advantages of the RoTeC coulter is that there is no connection between depth control and the reconsolidation system. This means that the coulter is raised only once when passing a stone. Furthermore, the coulter and harrow pressure can be adjusted independently of each other. This very even and accurately controlled way of guiding the RoTeC coulter is ensured by the Control 10 depth guidance disc with its 10 mm wide contact area or the Control 25 depth guidance roller with its 25 mm wide contact area mounted directly on the coulter.

The basic setting of the sowing depth takes place without tools and in four levels directly on the coulter.

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Vergleiche Schardrucksystem RoTeC-pro-Schar 200128

Coulter pressure adjustment

RoTeC pro coulters can be operated with a coulter pressure of up to 55 kg. In this case the actual effective coulter pressure is comparatively higher with AMAZONE, because the pressure is not distributed between the coulter and the following press roller, but acts solely on the coulter. When sowing rape, or early sowing in dry conditions, working with less coulter pressure is possible without any problem.

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TwinTeC-Schar – The effective double disc coulter

Inside view of the maintenance-free TwinTeC double disc coulter
1. Adjustable harrow: The angle of attack is adjusted according to the level of straw residue.
2. Perfect parallelogram with the top link for central adjustment of the sowing depth from 0 to 6 cm.
3. Centralised, 100 % independent adjustment of the placement depth and coulter pressure.
4. TwinTeC mounted on rubber elements for shock absorption and central adaptation of the coulter pressure from 0 to 60 kg.
5. Protective steel front plate.
6. Spacer discs for adjustment to compensate for disc wear.
7. Fastening of the discs in 5 locations with recessed Torx screws. No wear on the fixing discs.
8. Maintenance-free bearings. No lubrication points on maintenance-free coulter.
9. Double disc ∅ 340 mm, angle of 10°, row spacing 12.5 and 15 cm. 
10. Internal scraper – optionally in a HD variant.
11. Depth control rollers/press rollers: 50 or 65 mm wide (optional scrapers).

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Präzise Höchstleistungen mit bis zu 60-kg-Schardruck

Precise, high-performance at up to 60 kg coulter pressure

Equipped with the high-performance TwinTeC coulter, the seed drill has a precise and robust double disc coulter. With a disc diameter of 340 mm and a coulter pressure of 60 kg, the coulter provides very precise and neat seed placement, even at higher speeds and on inconsistent soils. Thanks to the parallelogram guidance of the coulter, the coulter pressure and the placement depth can be adjusted independently, so that optimum seed placement is ensured. The coulter impresses with its smooth running, even under the most difficult of conditions.

Advantages of the double disc coulter: 

  • Its highest levels of flexibility permit central independent adjustment of the placement depth and the coulter pressure 
  • High-precision seed placement as a result of its very smooth and tidy running 
  • Consistent sowing depth via the high constant coulter pressure of 60 kg
  • Best ground contour following for the coulter, based on the parallelogram coulter guidance 
  • Simple central working depth adjustment 
  • Reliable blockage-free sowing, even under difficult conditions, as a result of the high throughput ability
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Zentrale Einstellung der Ablagetiefe (1)Centaya_Detail_SmartCenter_d0_ah_IMG_6220_d1_171004

Central setting of the sowing depth

A depth guidance roller behind each TwinTeC coulter provides precise depth guidance, thereby ensuring that the placement depth of each individual TwinTeC coulter is maintained. Thanks to the large coulter clearance of 195 mm and the connection to the depth guidance roller via the top guided roller carrier, sufficient space remains so that blockage-free operation is maintained. Due to the sowing discs’ low angle of attack of 10°, a superb passage of material is ensured even at high forward speeds and in copious amounts of crop residues.

There is a choice of two different depth guidance rollers. The Control 50 mm depth guidance roller has a large passage and is suited especially for heavy soils that have a good carrying ability. On the other hand, the Control 65 mm depth guidance roller offers a higher carrying capacity, which is ideal for lighter locations.

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Hydraulische Schardruckeinstellung (1) Centaya3000super_NewHolland_d0_kw_P7211844_a_d1_170825

Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment with coulter lift of up to 145 mm

The hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment enables the coulter pressure to be adjusted conveniently from the tractor cab. The coulter can also be lifted by up to 145 mm. The coulter lift is an extremely useful option for working in field corners.

As an option, up to 5 additional springs can be fitted on each side to mechanically increase the coulter pressure in the vicinity of the tractor track.

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Die Striegel (1) Cirrus_6003-2_013_d1_170111_145pro

Following harrows

Exact harrow for the RoTeC pro and the TwinTeC coulters

The Exact harrow tine has a thickness of 10 mm, is low-wearing and provides excellent seed coverage. The Exact harrow serves for both coverage of the open seed furrows and for levelling. It operates without blockage, even where there are large amounts of surface straw. Individual, swivel-mounted harrow elements allow it to adapt to uneven ground and achieve even seed coverage.

Exact S following harrow
With its 12 mm tine diameter, the Exact S following harrow offers even more wear area and is therefore resistant to the most arduous of operational conditions.

The harrow pressure is adjusted mechanically by pre-tensioning the harrow springs. During hydraulic harrow pressure adjustment, a minimum and maximum value is predefined by inserting pins. So the harrow pressure and the coulter pressure can be simultaneously matched to changing soils via just one tractor spool valve whilst on the move.

Roller harrow for the RoTeC pro coulter

Die Striegel (2) Centaya3000FC_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_0325_d1_211108

The Roller harrow additionally consolidates the soil above the seed furrow resulting in optimum germination conditions. This is especially recommended for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or rape. An undulating surface profile that reduces erosion is the result. The roller harrow, adjustable separately from the coulter pressure, can follow the ground contours over a range of ± 100 mm.

Coulter harrow on the TwinTeC coulter

Die Striegel (3) Centaya_CombiDisc_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_00991_d1_181228

The TwinTeC coulter can be equipped with a rear-mounted harrow as an option. The coulter harrow provides additional loose soil on top of the seed furrow.

The benefits: 

  • Depth control with a suspended harrow bracket 
  • Adjustable in seven steps up to 150 mm 
  • The intensity can be adjusted in three steps (30°, 45°, 60°) 
  • Low lifting power requirement as a result of the compact design
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