AmaDrill+ operator terminal


Precise seed rates and intuitive operation
AmaDrill+ is the user-friendly terminal for AMAZONE seed drills. The clearly arranged design with unambiguous symbols and clear numbers on the display offers a large amount of comfort. It is an advantage if complex seed drills are equipped with a simple, intuitive operation, especially in the case of farms with temporary drivers and short seasons.

AmaDrill+ controls the fully electric metering unit of the machine. A simple touch of a button is all that is needed for the calibration. The system automatically adjusts itself after input of the calibration quantity. The particular advantages can be seen at the field boundary: The "pre-metering" function provides safety when sowing in the field corners. The electric metering can be switched off at the touch of a button, meaning that e.g. preparatory work on the headland can be carried out quickly and easily without sowing.

It goes without saying that the usual functions of a modern seed drill control system are also provided: easy adjustment and control of the tramlining, remote adjustment of the seed rate, monitoring of the blower fan and the seed shaft as well as integration of the level sensor in the seed hopper.

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