High work rates and first-class sowing performance: with these outstanding features the Avant 01 folding seed drill combinations prove their specific strength, especially in farm overlapping operations. In larger working widths of 4 m or 5 m the professional end user can profit from the modular build design. The front linkage of the tractor is sensibly made use of by the seed hopper. Additional weights are not necessary. So, with the seed hopper mounted on the front and the rotary cultivator, packer roller and sowing coulters on the rear of the tractor, the result is a manoeuvrable combination with an optimum weight distribution that provides high outputs even in small fields.

Freisteller Avant mit Fronttank

Your benefits at a glance

  • Maximum flexibility: combination of rotary cultivator and RoTeC coulter system, suitable for conventional and mulch sowing
  • Good use of the tractor mounting points: tool-less fitting of the front tank and the rear combination to the tractor in just a few minutes
  • Excellent manoeuvrability on the road and in the field
  • Comfortable road travel and 3 m transport width even with a 6 m combination
  • Even loading of the tractor axles
  • Quick changeover times between individual fields further increases profitability: Just fold up hydraulically, drive on to the next field, unfold and start work!
  • Easy filling of the front tank due to good access
  • Good access to the metering system means a quick and simple exchange of the metering wheels
  • Optional electric metering drive – easy calibration and seed rate adjustment on the move

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AMAZONE Avant 02 drill combination with FTender 1600 front tank
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The Amazone Output Calculator produces a farm-related, economic calculation of a machine’s potential output prior to making an investment decision.


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