Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

Comfort-Paket 1 mit TwinTerminal 3.0 (1) TwinTerminal_001_d1_141222_CMS

In order to make pre-metering, calibration and emptying of any residual amounts even easier, AMAZONE offers Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0 for the Cirrus in conjunction with an ISOBUS terminal. The TwinTerminal is mounted directly on the seed drill near the metering units. The location of this offers a decisive benefit: The driver can perform the calibration operation and input the data for the calibration directly into the machine and no longer has to repeatedly get on and off the tractor. The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water- and dust-proof housing with a 3.2" display and 4 large keys, which can also be operated with gloves.

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