Exact and targeted: the ideal reconsolidation


The Exact harrow is followed by the AMAZONE wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile, consisting of twelve 800 mm diameter tyres. The over-sized wedge ring roller ensures a highly smooth travel and, at the same time, serves as integrated running gear for road transport. Thanks to its special profile design, the wedge ring roller consolidates the seed bed in strips, precisely and exactly above the seeds sown. In this way, optimum field emergence is achieved, even under dry conditions. Loose stones are also pressed into the soil at the same time. This eliminates the need for a separate pass to roll the ground afterwards. Scrapers on the roller ensure that soil does not adhere to it, even in wet conditions.

As an alternative to the standard air-filled transport tyres, polyurethane-filled tyres are also possible. Filled tyres may require a special operational permission. Please take note of the national road traffic regulations.

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