FT-P 1502 autonomous front tank

Applications for the self-contained front tank:

  • Band spraying in conjunction with a SCHMOTZER hoe  
  • Liquid fertilisation during seeding with the Precea or Primera DMC 
  • Application of bio-stimulants during sowing 
  • Other individual applications

The advantages at a glance:

  • Simple, intuitive operation and cleaning with maximum comfort 
  • Compact design for optimum visibility 
  • Comfortable induction of supplementary products via the tank dome 
  • Precise metering via independent ISOBUS control with forward speed-related rate regulation and part-width section control, with automatic part-width section control and part-area, site-specific metering as an option 
  • Maximum flexibility enables a large number of uses 
  • Year-round, universal and flexible use in combination with various implements thanks to the autonomous control system 
  • Optimised functionality for special applications: 
    – Application of plant protection agents in combination with a hoe or 
    – Liquid fertilisation during sowing with a Primera DMC, precision sowing with a Precea

Autarker Fronttank FT-P 1502

Apart from the Primera DMC, the FT-P can also be combined with many other machines. In this case, the FT-P autonomous front tank is being used with a Schmotzer hoe.

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