FTender mounted front hopper – For universal use in sowing technology and soil tillage

Frontanbaubehälter FTender (2) Avant6001-2_KG6002-2_FTender1600_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_0391_d1_210812_erweitert_CMS

Advantages of the FTender:

  • High output due to the large hopper capacity of 1,600 l or 2,200 l
  • The divided tank enables seed and fertiliser to be combined
  • A variety of possibilities including use with cultivators
  • More comfort thanks to full ISOBUS implementation in the machine actuation
  • Large opening enables quick and easy filling
  • Comfortable and fast coupling and uncoupling
  • Easily accessible metering unit
  • Standard calibration on the machine
  • Easy calibration is possible via the calibration button or TwinTerminal

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