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Perfekte Ausbringung (1) Cirrus9004-2C_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_0425_d1_230802_CMS

The twin-chamber hopper enables the separate metering of different types of seeds or fertiliser. The two hopper chambers can be filled with just one material, if required, for maximum output. Exact distribution is guaranteed by the pressurised hopper system with its high-performance conveying system. Up to 400 kg/ha can be efficiently applied at a working speed of 15 km/h. Furthermore, the low power requirement of the blower fan underlines the enormous efficiency of the machine. A TwinTerminal can be used for the simple and precise calibration of the metering unit.

  • Half-side folding during loading considerably reduces the loading reach and also allows the machine to be filled via small telescopic loaders

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