Selecting the correct disc – coarse, fine or smooth

Several options can be selected for the disc element: a cutting disc, a coarse-serrated disc, a fine-serrated disc and a smooth disc.


Fine-serrated discs

Fine-serrated disc 460 mm

The fine-serrated disc shows its strengths in shallow seedbed preparation. It provides more fine soil for an optimum seed embedment.

Coarse-serrated discs

Coarse-serrated disc 460 mm

The coarse-serrated disc is ideally suited to deeper seedbed preparation. Due to its profile, extremely effective incorporation, including the mulching of harvest residues, is achieved. A steep angle of attack for the discs ensures a particularly intense mixing.

Smooth discs

Smooth discs 460 mm

The smooth disc is also ideally suited to deeper seedbed preparation. The smooth disc is also frequently fitted to the outer disc carriers, because it only throws up a small amount of soil.

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