The versatile partner in modern crop production!

Der vielseitige Partner im modernen Pflanzenbau! (1) TTT_Impressionen_d0_kw_DJI_0022_d1_220516

FT-P 1502 autonomous front tank
The FT-P 1502 front tank is the ideal partner for any simultaneous machine operation with liquid products. These include hoes with band sprayers, seed drills with liquid fertiliser equipment and many others.

Large spray agent tank and high-capacity pump
The FT-P 1502 front tank with a nominal volume of 1,500 l (actual volume 1,660 l) is equipped with a hydraulically-driven 180 l/min piston diaphragm pump designed for self-contained use. The oil requirement for operating the pump is 35 l/min.

Simple, intelligent operation with the SmartCenter
The operator station of the FT-P 1502 front tank is positioned on the left-hand side and is easily accessible. The operator station can be equipped with the Comfort-Pack as an option. This includes the TwinTerminal 3.0 for operating the suction side, automatic fill stop for suction filling, fill level dependent, auto-dynamic agitation regulation and remotely controlled, automatic cleaning programmes for quick and thorough cleaning. The FT-P 1502 front tank is equipped with a 180 l fresh water tank that enables efficient

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