AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal

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Full functionality

The AmaTron 4 ISOBUS operator terminal developed in-house by AMAZONE enables convenient tablet-style control of any ISOBUS-enabled agricultural machine. The AmaTron 4 make possible all ISOBUS functionality - with added convenience, user-friendliness and overviews. And yet: it performs even better in combination with AMAZONE agricultural machinery and guarantees full functionality when it comes to precision farming.


  • Low-reflection 8-inch display with waterproof and dustproof aluminium housing 
  • Rear-mounted hand rest for a secure grip


  • Practical and clear menu navigation for simple and intuitive use 
  • Actuation via touch screen or soft keys 
  • Simple documentation and job management: work first - then save the data 
  • Optional software licences for maximising every opportunity in precision agriculture


  • App carousel for quick and easy navigation at the swipe of a finger 
  • Freely configurable status bar - the most important parameters available at a glance, all of the time 
  • The practical quick-start menu allows quick and easy import and export of job data

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