Central seed hopper with Central Seed Supply for Precea-TCC with working widths of 6, 9 and 12 m

Zentraler Saatgutbehälter mit Central Seed Supply (4) Precea6000-TCC-CSS_d0_mp_DJI_0232_d1_240312_CMS

From big bag to each individual seed 
The short sowing periods available must be optimally utilised for uniform plant emergence. This requires a high output solution: maximum performance from the Precea-TCC with central seed hopper - for dozens of hectares and long working hours, ideal for large farms and contractors. 

The benefits: 

  • Large seed hopper (850 or 2,000 l) reduces filling stops and downtime. 
  • Self-regulating seed delivery from the hopper into the singling chamber simplifies operation.

Zentraler Saatgutbehälter mit Central Seed Supply (1) Precea6000-TCC_CSS_d0_kw_P3277509_d1_240313_CMS
Delivery unit under the central seed hopper
Central Seed Supply (1) Precea12000-TCC_d0_kw_P3070882_d1_230131
Reception unit above the sowing unit

Central Seed Supply – seed always available when it is needed
Seed is delivered from the central hopper to the reception units, mounted above each sowing unit, via an air stream. These reception units act as a temporary store for the seed. The control system is self-regulating: If the hopper is full enough so that the green grid on the inside is completely covered with seed, this restricts the air flow - no more seed is transported from the central hopper to the sowing units. As the seed is taken down into the singling chamber, the reservoir empties and the air flow is reactivated. The Central Seed Supply System thus ensures that the sowing unit supplies itself with seed without the need for electronic control.

Zentraler Saatgutbehälter mit Central Seed Supply (3) Gebereinheit_mit_Saatguttransport_Luftstrom_d1_240311_CMS

1. Illustration of delivery unit with seed transported by the air flow
2. Illustration of the reception unit with filled seed chamber
3. Illustration of singling overpressure chamber


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