Mario Sturzerbecher, Germany, Precea 9000-TCC

Mario Sturzerbecher, Deutschland Precea 9000-TCC (1) Precea9000-TCC_CSS_LOS_Claas_d0_kw_P5028832_d1_240320_CMS

"We have the challenge of generating an optimal placement and consolidating the seeds into the moist soil at the right placement depth, even if the seedbed is not as smooth as a billiard table. The machine is characterised by its smooth running and perfect placement. For working with an application map, simply insert a USB stick into the AmaTron 4, read the map and you're done."

Mario Sturzerbecher, Deutschland Precea 9000-TCC (2) Precea9000-TCC_CSS_LOS_Claas_d0_kw_DJI_0379_d1_240318_CMS

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