Precea - telescopic linkage-mounted: 6 or 7 rows – 4.8 m wide frame

Teleskopierbare angebaute Precea (1)

Row spacing adjustment in no time at all 
The telescopic Precea stands for high flexibility.  Row spacings can be changed in no time thanks to the telescopic frame design. There are three different telescopic frame options which enable different row spacings. All the models can also be configured with fertiliser application equipment. Furthermore, it is possible to combine the Precea 4500-2 with a mounted front hopper for fertiliser. 

The benefits:

Single and 2-stage telescopic function – transport width 3.3 m* or 3 m

Teleskopierbare angebaute Precea (2) Precea_4500-2C_Super_d0_kw_P3183576_d1_191011
The Precea 4500-2CC with telescopic frame at full working width

AMAZONE offers two different frame options, one with single and one with 2-fold telescopic function. The frame with single telescopic function is cheaper and has a transport width of 3.3 m*. The 2-stage telescopic frame has a transport width of 3 m. The unique bearing concept, with maintenance-free bearings, ensures a long service life and makes folding and extending the frame particularly convenient.

* Country-specific road traffic regulations apply and must be complied with, meaning that special approval may be required.

Variable telescopic frame – telescopic precision

Teleskopierbare angebaute Precea (3) Precea4500-2CC_d0_kw_P3186929_d1_220110
The Precea 4500-2CC with variable telescopic frame set for the narrower working width

The variable telescopic frame allows flexible and convenient adjustment of the row spacing to suit different crops. Different row spacings are therefore a problem of the past. The Precea frame is limited just to the essentials. For example, the telescopic frame offers real operational comfort. Extend the frame at the press of a button quickly, reliably and conveniently either out or back together.

Different guide wheel options

The Precea 4500 and 4500-2 have two guide wheel options which can be mounted ahead of, or in between, the seeding units. Guide wheels in front of the mounting frame offer the full spectrum of row spacing, however, the very compact option of between the seeding units impresses with a clearly reduced lifting power requirement.

Teleskopierbare angebaute Precea (4) Precea_4,5M_vorlaufend_d1_220211_CMS
7 rows thanks to leading support wheels
Teleskopierbare angebaute Precea (5) Precea_4,5M_nachlaufend_d1_220211
6 rows with support wheels between the rows

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