Singling discs - full flexibility across the widest range of crops

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One machine - 5 crops. Whether it be maize, sunflowers, oilseed rape, sugar beet or sorghum - the Precea TCC separates seed by seed - precisely and reliably

Increasingly complex crop rotations are finding their way into agriculture. It is often necessary to adapt to suit the soil conditions, actual nutrient consumption or the nutrient release from the previous crop, seed density, weather and climate changes, nutritional trends and market opportunities, even at short notice. The one constant: the precise singling of the Precea across the widest variety of single-seeded crops.

Because: the seed singling system of the Precea-TCC can be changed over to use different singling discs without any tools within a very short time.

The versatility of the Precea allows different crops to be sown both within the same and different sowing periods. This reduces the unproductive time over the course of the year, thus increasing the efficiency of the Precea and other associated operating resources.

Contractors can react flexibly to customer requirements and offer a wide portfolio of precision seeding – seed by seed, field by field.

The centralised singling discs are customised for different operating conditions or seed characteristics, such as different thousand grain weights and forward speeds.

The benefits: 

  • Full flexibility for the widest range of crops. 
  • Higher machine utilisation through continuing use in different sowing periods. 
  • Simple replacement of the centralised singling discs.

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