SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (6) Precea12000-TCC_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_0656_d1_240314_CMS

The same placement depth across all soil types

A even plant population of a crop without gaps allows the uniform development of all individual plants by optimising the supply of light, water, carbon dioxide and nutrients. The basis for this is the uniform placement depth of the seed at the correct depth - even in heterogeneous soils with varying firmness or consolidation. No problem when using the SmartForce option for the Precea TCC - the yield potential of the crop can be maximised.

"Thanks to SmartForce, we have a uniform placement depth and therefore a better field emergence." 
(Stefan Kerkering, contractor · 05/2021)

Opinion in practice from Stefan Kerkering:

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