Soil-friendly tramline management

Hydraulic tramline offset and telescopic axle

Wheel marks in the field inevitably reduce the actual cultivated area for the crop. Although switching off the rows in the wheel marks saves on consumables such as seed and fertiliser, it reduces the seed rate and thus the natural yield potential of the field. 

Bodenschonendes Fahrgassenmanagement (1) Precea6000-TCC_d0_kw_P3277427_d1_240313_CMS
Hydraulic cylinders on the telescopic axle
The intelligent tramline management on the Precea TCC with hydraulic tramline offset and telescopic running gear balances out this disadvantage by adapting the axle width to the row spacing. Or: This can be by just making a slight offset of the seed rows next to the wheel marks or a combination of both the offset and the drill track width. Full seed rate and damage-free subsequent applications in the crop without driving over seed rows for high yields on every field.

Bodenschonendes Fahrgassenmanagement (2) Precea12000-TCC_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_0633_b_d1_240314_CMS
The wheel marks of the Precea axle are guided between the seed rows - without duplication - to protect the soil

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