Symmetrical offset of 2 units

Symmetrische Verschiebung von 2 Aggregaten (1) Precea6000-TCC_d0_mp_DJI_0083_d1_240314_CMS

With a symmetrical offset, the slide cylinders are actuated simultaneously on both sides of the machine. A tramline is therefore created in only one pass. The maximum offset distance of a unit is 400 mm. The offset travel can also be reduced if the entire width is not required due to track width or tyre size.

The advantages of the hydraulic tramline offset

  • Optimum yield potential since the seed rows do not need to be switched off, they are just displaced. 
  • Relief for the driver by automatic detection and adaptation to make the tramline. 
  • Lack of plant damage during subsequent working in the crop, as a result of the existing tramline. 
  • Optimum fertiliser supply since the fertiliser coulter and the singling unit are displaced together.

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