With Precea comes reliable, successful sowing

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The maximum theoretical yield potential of an individual plant is defined by the genetics of the seed. The actual yield potential, in turn, is determined by a variety of other factors and parameters and this, ultimately, is gradually reduced during the plant's life cycle through abiotic and biotic stress factors. What remains in terms of potential is the actual yield of the crop that can be harvested.

In order to increase yields stress factors that can inhibit growth thus must be reduced - as comprehensively and as early as possible.

The first steps are taken by ensuring better sowing: the first step is sowing at the correct time and in the best possible climatic conditions. Secondly, the precise placement of the seed at the 
right depth in the soil is essential to optimise the physiological developmental of the seedling. Thirdly, optimum supply of water to the seedling is very important - and therefore good reconsolidation and access to water-bearing soil layers. Furthermore, the availability of nutrients through precise under-root fertilisation is important to enable the young roots to grow, especially at depth - in order to take up water and the nutrients dissolved in it in the deeper subsoil, even during dry periods.

The high output, high precision, good reconsolidation and adapted fertilisation of the Precea do all of this - ensuring good yields and high efficiency.

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