AmaSpray+ – Operator terminal for the UX Special

Simple and versatile AmaSpray+ allows, as an alternative to the ISOBUS terminals, the simple, but still fully automatic regulation, of the UX Special trailed sprayers. The buttons, integrated in the operator terminal, enable the switching of 5, 7 or 9 part-width sections. AmaSpray+ has digital pressure indication and digital tank level indication. It registers both, the quantity sprayed and the area worked. The actuation of the hydraulic functions though is carried out via the tractor control valves. AmaSpray+ also visually indicates boom tilt and locking. As an option, AmaSpray+ enables one sided folding of the boom or alternatively the access to the boundary and end nozzle spraying systems. Standard functions: • Single, high-contrast, backlit screen • Overall and part-width section control • Up to 9 part-width sections • Digital pressure indication • Digital fill-level indicator • Display of boom position and locking status • Hectare counter (total and daily counter) • +/- 10 % key • Field record management system Special functions: • Pre-select fold for the independent boom folding • End or boundary nozzle on/off control (alternatively to pre-select fold) • Fold or tilt via 1 double acting control valve (electric changeover unit) • ASD inside: serial interface