AmaSwitch individual nozzle switching


Automatic 50 cm part-width section switching: Even today, many crop protection sprayers in the market feature a normal part-width section valve chest. Here the classic part-width section often is 3 to 5 m wide. For manual part-width section actuation by the driver, having smaller part-width sections did not really make sense due to the accuracy of the switch points. Thanks to the automatic part-width section control via GPS-Switch, more precise switching points with even smaller part-width sections are used so that valuable crop protection agents are saved. With AmaSwitch, AMAZONE offers a simple and precise solution for the automatic part-width section switching on 50 cm part-width sections. AmaSwitch is a cost-effective alternative for users who do not want to make electric nozzle changeover a priority but, however, want to make use of the advantages of the very precise switching in wedge-shaped fields and overlap zones thanks to the 50 cm part-width section control. Standard equipment with AmaSwitch includes the DUS pro high pressure recirculation system and, in addition, can be equipped with LED individual nozzle lighting. Triple nozzle body, with electric on/off switching: The technology behind AmaSwitch is based on a conventional, manually-rotated, triple nozzle body with electric individual on/off. The opening and closing is achieved via an electric valve which is fixed directly onto the nozzle body. So, in conjunction with GPS-Switch, it is possible to control the boom very precisely in 50 cm part-width sections in wedge-shaped fields and on the headland. In addition to the automatic switching using 50 cm part-width sections, it is possible to configure the amount of part-width sections from choice.