AMAZONE booms – Smooth and precise as standard


Thanks to the central pendulum suspension, the AMAZONE Super-S2 and the Super L-2 booms are optimally guided above the target. In addition, the combined spring and damping elements provide an enormous reduction in any potential vertical movement. Also the horizontal pivoting movements are kept at a minimum by the integrated damping system so that, for all AMAZONE booms, optimum work results are achieved. AMAZONE booms feature as standard: • an elongated, central pendulum for optimum parallel guidance, • combined spring and damping elements for shock-dampening the suspension against vertical forces, • an integrated dampening system with brake plates and buffer blocks to damp the horizontal pivoting movements. Super-L2 booms additionally feature • Spring slide plates to damp the movement in the direction of travel (only on 4-section booms) 1) AMAZONE booms ensure that smooth, vertical boom ride 2) AMAZONE booms achieve a smooth horizontal boom ride