Boom guidance systems

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DistanceControl or ContourControl? Decide for yourself!

The AutoLift automatic headland system and the DistanceControl and ContourControl automatic boom guidance systems offered by AMAZONE provide the right solution for every need. Just utilising the standard AutoLift already provides convenient assistance. The fully automated DistanceControl boom guidance leaves the boom control almost completely in the hands of the machine.

The innovative ContourControl boom control is AMAZONE’s high-end solution, ideal for customers with difficult terrain conditions. In addition to fully automated height guidance, ContourControl also offers active vibration damping for the boom. ContourControl satisfies the demand for higher accuracy, even at faster forward speeds.

Automatic boom lowering via GPS-Switch

The GPS-Switch function in the operator terminal can be used to start lowering the boom before it reaches the untreated area. This means that the boom is already at the correct working height when the nozzles come on. Requirements for this function are just a field boundary saved within the GPS-Switch in the AMAZONE ISOBUS terminal.