Cirrus-CC with twin-chamber hopper and double-shoot second conveying system


With the Cirrus-CC, AMAZONE is providing an additional  Cirrus model with a conveying system concept that allows  for the delivery of two different materials. The Cirrus-CC, as  well as the Cirrus-C, has a twin-chamber hopper with 4,000 l  hopper capacity and two independently operated, electrically-driven metering units. In addition to the level of equipment on the Cirrus-C, the Cirrus-CC has a separate metering  unit and a FerTeC single disc coulter. Due to the additional  FerTeC single disc counter, which is located in front of the  tyre packer, the Cirrus-CC can sow two materials at different  seed rates at the same time. This means that any possible  sowing combination is possible from simple sowing, to  double-shoot, to a combination of double-shoot and single-shoot with simultaneous single-shoot. The Cirrus-CC  concept sets completely new standards in sowing technology