Comfort-Pack options


With the Comfort-Pack, the Pantera features professional equipment for the automation of the spray agent liquid circuit. Control of the most important functions of the spray agent circuit (filling, agitator intensity and cleaning) are all carried out remotely via the terminal. In this way the desired filling amount can be pre-selected and the filling procedure is automatically isolated. The “Rührmatic” system provides a continuous, fill-level dependent adaptation of the agitation intensity. When drawing in fresh water, the agitators are automatically shut off. For the treatment of the remaining area, the targeted addition of fresh water is possible. With the flushing function, the booms can be cleaned without changing the original concentration. The automatic cleaning provides a reliable dilution of residual amounts and internal tank cleaning. In addition to this automatic control you can also actuate all the functions by hand on the operator station. Alternatively, as an option, a bowser fill port is available. Comfort-Pack 2 This new option, with additional fresh water pump for more comfort when filling and cleaning, is quicker, washes out even cleaner and yet is still simple. All functions of the Comfort-Pack 2 are operated via the AMADRIVE. An additional display at the operator station helps input the desired fill levels from ground level. The benefits of Comfort-Pack 2: + Completely automatic cleaning procedure with continuous internal cleaning. + Just couple the suction hose once and both the spray agent tank and the fresh water tank are automatically filled. + Fresh water is immediately available when canister flushing and for the external wash down kit which are thus always ready to start.