Condor for increased efficiency


In future, sowing with the trailed seed drill can be matched to the prevailing conditions of an individual region even more precisely. The 25 cm row width means the ability to choose a higher seed rate. The improved plant distribution and the larger water supply in the moister Steppe regions provide the ideal preconditions to minimise any competition within the row. In very dry regions, the wider row widths of 31.1/33.3 cm and reduced seed rates are recommended, providing in areas of a heavily changing moisture supply, each plant with the maximum of the available water and effectively reducing the risk of premature ripening and heavy yield losses. In addition both power and fuel consumption are reduced and work rates are increased by the higher forward speeds achieved. In rape and wheat crops, practical trials in dry Steppe regions show even higher yields at a 31.3/33.3 cm row spacing and, in moist years, the same yields as with a 25 cm row spacing. In this way, operating resources are effectively saved.