Comprehensive advice for optimum spreader setting

Modern fertiliser spreader testing hall

The spreader test hall in the Spreader application Centre is the central facility for research, development and series production support at AMAZONE. When a new spreading material is to be included in the setting chart, it is tested in the spreader test hall. The Spreader application Centre is also in close contact with the fertiliser manufacturers, in order to be able to inform our customers at an early stage about new spreading materials with reliable setting recommendations.

Contact details of the FertiliserService

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We offer comprehensive advice as part of our FertiliserService, in order to provide our customers with the best possible support in the application of fertilisers and other spreading materials. The extensive fertiliser database already contains the appropriate setting recommendations in most cases. If this is not the case, a customised setting recommendation can be provided by sending in a 5 kg of fertiliser sample, which is then examined in our fertiliser laboratory.

The FertiliserService works across borders, but not only geographically. Because no matter whether your spreader is 1 or 50 years old, we are always behind with you.

Online FertiliserService

Optimisation of the lateral distribution

The online FertiliserService enables you to request the current setting recommendations for the optimum lateral distribution of your AMAZONE fertiliser spreader from our database at any time.

With the introduction of Spreader Application Center, AMAZONE further expanded its level of customer service. In addition to the already established fertiliser laboratory and spreading hall, the Spreader Application Center now also includes the areas of “Test and Training“, “Data Management“ and the related “Knowledge Transfer”.

The last two areas are a necessary restructuring in response to the increasing globalisation and digitalisation of agriculture. The aim of the new Spreader Application Centre is to offer customers an even better service covering all aspects of fertiliser application.

Get precise setting recommendations directly in the field:
with the mySpreader App

Precise spreading made easy

The precise setting recommendations for your AMAZONE fertiliser spreader can be easily called up from the fertiliser database in the mySpreader App directly in the field via a mobile device according to the machine type, working width, fertiliser type and application rate.