Direct local support from the service technician via Augmented Reality (AR) and a mobile device

AMAZONE offers the possibility of extended communication with the aid of special software. This can be used worldwide for a wide range of end devices, such as Android or iOS devices. This means, for instance, that the service technician of a service partner who is carrying out a complicated repair can be connected digitally and in real time with a service specialist in the office via tablet, smartphone or AR data glasses. The service specialist can now view the service technician’s repair field via the camera in the service technician’s mobile device and give appropriate instructions based on this. If necessary, the service technician can also see what the service specialist sees on his or her screen, in order to derive measures from this. Video, audio, image and text files, e.g. images with markings and sections of a hydraulic diagram, can be exchanged in this way.

Real-time multimedia support from a service specialist

Real-time multimedia support for a service technician

The system also provides the end customer with the same technical possibilities, in order to clarify questions from the area of application technology with the service advisor.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Multimedia tool for enhanced live support
  • Efficient communication and solution finding via various functions specially developed for the needs of the technical service: markings, chat, excerpts from hydraulic diagrams.