What are the benefits of AMAZONE 4.0 for your farm?

Optimum utilisation of the yield potential

An important pillar in successful arable farming is the exploitation of the possible yield potential of farmland. The potentials can vary greatly within a field. These differences must be identified through small-scale analysis, e.g. soil sampling and yield maps, and reacted to with part-area, site-specific sowing, fertilisation and crop protection measures. As a result, the crops can be managed in micro-areas. The yield potential can thereby be optimally exploited and the total yield of the farm increased.

Precise application – reduction in the use of inputs

Unnecessary overlaps, e.g. in wedge shaped fields and on headlands, are avoided thanks to automated control. This significantly reduces the use of inputs. The application of crop protection products and fertiliser can range from full-area treatment and part-area treatment to individual plant treatment. Plant protection agents and fertiliser are therefore only applied where they are needed and only in the quantity required for an effective yield. This means that the use of inputs can be reduced in the long term, which significantly improves the economic efficiency of production.

Environmentally-friendly use of resources

The high-precision application of seed, plant protection agents and fertiliser not only increases the profitability of the farm but also protects the environment. Targeted application to micro-areas cuts down the use of input materials and significantly reduces avoidable impacts on the environment. Modern machinery which is operated and monitored automatically has brought about a significant improvement in longitudinal and lateral distribution as well as a reduction in unnecessary overlaps and drift. This automation ensures that seed, fertiliser and plant protection agents are placed exactly where they belong and are metered in the quantities required. Thanks to modern technology, there is no contradiction between environmental protection and maximum yields.

Efficient farm management

In order to optimise farm management, it is essential to accurately record the operating processes. Thanks to modern technology, the sequences of machine use can be permanently recorded and subsequently evaluated by the farm manager. This enables things like unproductive downtime and set-up times to be determined, the operating processes to be optimised and, finally, the overall productivity increased.

Higher capacity utilisation of the machine

Machine capacity utilisation plays a key role in the profitability of a farm. The machine can always be run close to its optimum performance by automating processes. Regardless of whether the machine is working early in the morning or late at night, it shows no signs of fatigue and always delivers its full performance.

Comfortable machine operation

The automation of the processes and machines relieves the driver, as he or she only has to concentrate on monitoring the processes during field work and not on controlling the machine. This also makes a long working day in the field much more relaxing. The work can also be documented with minimal effort. For example, the data is transferred directly from the machine to a Farm Management Information System at the touch of a button via an App.