GPS-Track, the GPS-based parallel guidance aid


The optional GPS-Track parallel guidance aid makes orientation in the field considerably easier. It features various track modes such as the A-B line, contour travel and an obstacle function. The tracks are clearly numbered all the way through. Deviation from the ideal line is shown graphically on the display. Clear steering recommendations keep you on track. In addition, the distance to the next tramline is accurately displayed, thereby making orientation considerably easier, e.g. for locating the right row of maize. A light bar for mounting directly in the field of view is also available as an option. The benefits: + GPS-Track is an easily and intuitively operated GPS-based parallel guidance aid with a clear display and indication of the deviation in cm. The graphic display of a steering recommendation helps you to relax and stay safely on the correct track. It's never been easier to stay on course! + Ideal for working on grassland or at pre-emergence time – you will never have to count rows of maize again. + Can be operated in conjunction with GPS-Switch or also standalone, e.g. when cultivating. + GPS-Track features an obstacle function: Store any obstacles and be warned about them in good time in future. + The perfect supplement for your GPS-Switch! + GPS-Track can also be retrofitted to existing GPS-Switch terminals and AMATRON 3.