AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (2) AmaTron_4_am_Berg

Everything under control with AmaTron 4
The AmaTron 4 ISOBUS operator terminal, developed in-house by AMAZONE, enables convenient tablet-style control of any ISOBUS-enabled agricultural machinery. AmaTron 4 makes all ISOBUS functionality possible - with added convenience, user-friendliness and transparency. it performs even better in combination with AMAZONE machinery and guarantees maximum functionality when it comes to precision farming. 


  • Optional software licences for extended possibilities in precision farming, such as GPS-based part-width section control and part-area, site-specific application 
  • Machine-specific functionality above and beyond the ISOBUS standard: More than ISOBUS 
  • Smart linking of digital applications (AmaTron Twin App, GPS Scenario Control)

Well thought out!

  • Optimal coordination with AMAZONE machine software 
  • Practice-oriented and clear menu navigation for intuitive use 
  • The practical quick-start menu allows quick and easy import and export of job data 
  • Simple documentation and job management


  • Rear-mounted hand rest for a secure grip 
  • App carousel for quick and easy navigation at the swipe of a finger 
  • Freely-configurable status bar - the most important parameters always available at a glance