AmaTron 4: the key to success

Hardware für echte Arbeit! Robust, zuverlässig und ergonomisch (1) AmaTron_4_4

ISOBUS operation made easy

Easy operation: with this in mind, AMAZONE developed the user-friendly AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal, which is perfectly matched to all AMAZONE machine software. The AmaTron 4 offers a noticeably smoother workflow, especially in job management and documentation. Convenient operation is thus simply a matter of course thanks to the logical and intuitive menu navigation.

With the low-reflection, 8" touch screen, you can quickly and intuitively switch between the various applications in the simple operating menu using a finger swipe or via the App carousel. 3 direct selection buttons and a quick start menu further enhance the ease of use of the AmaTron 4, such as the simple import and export of job data.

All AMAZONE machinery can be operated with any operator terminal capable of using ISOBUS. Furthermore, in addition to all ISOBUS functionality, the AmaTron 4 operator terminal also offers machine-specific functions over and above the ISOBUS standard: “More than ISOBUS” - additional benefits in the world of precision farming.

Get in, switch on, drive off – whether automatic part-width section control, part-area, site specific application, field-related documentation, optical parallel guidance aid and much more for precision farming: no problem with the AMAZONE AmaTron 4 ISOBUS operator terminal. AmaTron 4 - the key to success.