AmaTron Connect: For the use of additional digital functions

AmaTron Connect: Für die Nutzung digitaler Zusatzfunktionen (1) Tablet-Halter_d0_dh_IMG_0770_d1_220927_d0_20230605_CMS

AmaTron Connect provides a digital interface to a tablet or smartphone. The connection between the mobile end-device and the AmaTron 4 is easily established via a standard Wi-Fi dongle, which is plugged into one of the 2 USB ports. 

The AmaTron Connect licence enables the use of the AmaTron Twin App and forms the basis for using the GPS ScenarioControl function.

AmaTron Twin App – Comfortable display enhancement
The AmaTron Twin App offers the driver even more comfort in work, as GPS functions in the map view can also be operated via a mobile device, e.g. tablet, in parallel with machine operation in AmaTron 4.

Advantages of the AmaTron Twin display enhancement: 

  • Use of an existing , mobile end-device 
  • Greater clarity – all applications in view 
  • Comfortable control of GPS functions in the map view in parallel via the mobile device 
  • Clear, authentic representation of the working machine and its part-width sections