Easy operation - more comfort

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Simple and quick navigation
With the aid of the App carousel, any changes between individual applications can be comfortably accomplished. One quite simply leafs through the main operational pages at a swipe. AmaTron 4 allows the creation and use of not just several ISOBUS machines but also non-ISOBUS compatible machines. The implement management overview clearly shows which active tractors and mounted implements are currently connected.

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Touch button or soft key
From choice, the AmaTron 4 can be operated via its 12 keys or its 12 buttons. For convenience, the buttons automatically appear on the right-hand side of the screen as soon as the proximity sensor detects your hand approaching. In the map view, the machine can be operated via the touch buttons or via the soft keys.

1. Automatic display of the buttons on the right-hand side of the screen via the proximity sensor
2. Automatic hiding of the buttons for optimum utilisation of the entire display area

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MiniView – everything at a glance
The most important machine information is clearly shown at the bottom of the screen in the MiniView display, even when in the map view. The MiniView display can be faded in or faded out as required, in order to optimally utilise the full area of the 8" multi-touch colour display.

1. Machine operation in the map view
2. The MiniView display with all important parameters can be faded in or faded out with a simple tap

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You decide!
The status bar along the top of the screen is visible in all levels and can be fully configured according to one’s own ideas. Just determine for yourself which parameters and settings are important to you and then drag them into the status bar.

1. Various information, such as the time, GPS status or light bar, can be placed in the status bar.

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Machine operation (UT, Universal Terminal) in day and night mode

Up and ready by day or night
Thanks to the light sensor which is integrated as standard, the AmaTron 4 constantly matches its display illumination to the ambient light conditions. So an unfavourable display brightness, for instance during twilight, is a thing of the past. Automatic changeover over between day and night mode also facilitates that easy handling.

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Quick start menu
Thanks to the quick start menu, job data can be quickly and simply imported and exported (as an ISO-XML or pdf file). Help windows with hints and tips on the use and configuration of the terminal can also be accessed. In addition, practical-related settings, such as AUX-N layout, the brightness or the volume level, can be changed within seconds. 

1. The quick start menu enables changes to be made to individual terminal settings within seconds.
2. Quick import and export of job data.