GPS ScenarioControl

GPS-ScenarioControl is an extension for the AmaTron Twin App, for which the AmaTron Connect licence is also needed. This terminal software is for automating complex and recurring switching processes in the field.

With its route function, GPS-ScenarioControl makes for easier orientation of all machines in the field. In addition, in combination with AMAZONE ISOBUS fertilisation, certain switching operations (edge, boundary, water-course spreading and HeadlandControl) can be automated, thus preventing operating errors.

Advantages with GPS-ScenarioControl: 

  • Reduced workload by following a previously plotted scenario 
  • Always the same switching processes on every pass in the field 
  • Prevention of operator errors 
  • Always the same route for all crop care applications in the field and thus no driving over the crop by making a wrong turn

Field with complete route planning and saved, georeferenced switching points. When moving over the switching points, labelled as pins, the machine function stored in each case is automatically activated or deactivated. Tapping on the switching point opens a menu in which the function to be activated or deactivated is marked. Water-course spreading is activated on the left-hand side here.