The automatic part-width section control, GPS-Switch from AMAZONE enables GPS-based, fully automatic part-width section control for your ISOBUS machinery. In automatic mode, the part-width sections are switched on and off automatically in wedge shaped fields, at headlands or on field boundaries. On the one hand, this reduces the driver's workload and, on the other hand, input costs are reduced as there are less overlaps and fewer misses. The work in the field is more precise. GPS-Switch is divided into the GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro licences, and these are characterised by different functionalities.

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Automatic part-width section control on the virtual headland (orange border) with GPS-Switch basic. This allows the inside of the field to be worked first and then the headland, e.g. when sowing.

GPS-Switch basic

  • Automatic part-width section control of up to 16 part-width sections 
  • Creation of virtual headlands  
  • GPS-based recording of the worked area 
  • Generation of field boundaries


  • AMAZONE fertilisation: Parabolic switching of the part-width sections and HeadlandControl headland management 
  • AMAZONE plant protection: automatic boom lowering 
  • AMAZONE seed drills: MultiSwitch - single row switching for up to 16 part-width sections for fertiliser, seed and microgranules

GPS-Switch pro (as an extension of GPS-Switch basic)

  • Automatic part-width section control of up to 128 part-width sections 
  • Marking of obstacles, e.g. water holes, pylons 
  • Auto-zoom when approaching the headland 
  • MultiBoom - individual switching times via Section Control up to a maximum of 4 booms

In crop protection, individual nozzle shut-off and GPS-Switch means that 50 cm part-width sections can be switched automatically. With this system, the degree of overlap is significantly reduced and, in comparison with conventional part-width section control, is up to 85 % less (depending on the field size, working width and the number of part-width sections).

GPS-Switch (2) 19700101_012732_Screenshot_Amatron4_d2_240430_CMS

With MultiBoom, the metering units for the various different hoppers are switched on and off at staggered intervals via GPS-Switch pro during seeding to avoid overlaps and gaps for each application material. The staggered switching of the fertiliser coulters, sowing coulters and micro-granular applicator is visualised on the AmaTron 4 by the part-width section status.