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Hardware for hard work! Robust, reliable and ergonomic

The AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal, which was developed in-house by AMAZONE, means that comfortable working becomes a matter of course. The 8” low-reflection multi-touch colour display allows easy reading and quick input of all the necessary information. Intuitive operation of the functions is guaranteed at all times either via the 12 keys or buttons in the touch display. Quick navigation between the relevant applications is also possible via one of the three one-touch keys. 

Hardware für echte Arbeit! Robust, zuverlässig und ergonomisch (2) AmaTron_4_2

1. ISB-Taste (ISOBUS Shortcut Button) allows the deactivation of all active ISOBUS implement functions.
2. 8” multi-touch colour display with 24 bit colour depth, in 4:3 format, provides good readability under all ambient light conditions.
3. Three one-touch keys allow a quick changeover between the menus (home button, map view and machine operation).
4. 12 soft keys and 12 touch buttons: From choice, all operations can be carried out via the touchscreen or directly via one of the 12 soft keys. The backlit soft keys provide reliable and comfortable operation, especially on rough ground.
5. Connection ports

  • Connection for GPS signal
  • CANBUS connection
  • TECU connection for speed sensor signals
  • Analogue video input for camera connection•
  • Ethernet input for future service work
  • Optional Wifi and Bluetooth per USB
  • Two USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Loudspeaker

6. Light sensor: Automatic changeover over between day and night modes and the matching of the display brightness to the ambient light conditions.
7. Proximity sensor: By approaching the terminal, the 12 touch buttons are automatically displayed.
8. On/Off switch

Hardware für echte Arbeit! Robust, zuverlässig und ergonomisch (4) Screens_CMS

Your comfortable and reliable assistant
The AmaTron 4 operator terminal has been developed with the intention of fulfilling the highest demands in terms of comfort and maximum stress-relief for the driver. A finger swipe enables the operator to navigate intuitively through the clearly and simply structured operational menu. A freely configurable status bar along the top of the screen displays the chosen parameters and information tabs at any time, no matter which menu or sub-menu you are in.

Thanks to the quick start menu, changes to individual settings can also be made in a matter of seconds and any job data imported or exported.

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Leichte Bedienung – mehr Komfort (1) AmaTron_4

Easy operation - more comfort

Simple and quick navigation
With the aid of the App carousel, any changes between individual applications can be comfortably accomplished. One quite simply leafs through the main operational pages at a swipe. AmaTron 4 allows the creation and use of not just several ISOBUS machines but also non-ISOBUS compatible machines. The implement management overview clearly shows which active tractors and mounted implements are currently connected.

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Touch button or soft key
From choice, the AmaTron 4 can be operated via its 12 keys or its 12 buttons. For convenience, the buttons automatically appear on the right-hand side of the screen as soon as the proximity sensor detects your hand approaching. In the map view, the machine can be operated via the touch buttons or via the soft keys.

1. Automatic display of the buttons on the right-hand side of the screen via the proximity sensor
2. Automatic hiding of the buttons for optimum utilisation of the entire display area

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MiniView – everything at a glance
The most important machine information is clearly shown at the bottom of the screen in the MiniView display, even when in the map view. The MiniView display can be faded in or faded out as required, in order to optimally utilise the full area of the 8" multi-touch colour display.

1. Machine operation in the map view
2. The MiniView display with all important parameters can be faded in or faded out with a simple tap

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You decide!
The status bar along the top of the screen is visible in all levels and can be fully configured according to one’s own ideas. Just determine for yourself which parameters and settings are important to you and then drag them into the status bar.

1. Various information, such as the time, GPS status or light bar, can be placed in the status bar.

Leichte Bedienung – mehr Komfort (6) Screens_tag-_nacht-modus_20180515_gwey
Machine operation (UT, Universal Terminal) in day and night mode

Up and ready by day or night
Thanks to the light sensor which is integrated as standard, the AmaTron 4 constantly matches its display illumination to the ambient light conditions. So an unfavourable display brightness, for instance during twilight, is a thing of the past. Automatic changeover over between day and night mode also facilitates that easy handling.

Leichte Bedienung – mehr Komfort (7) 20200312_152502_Screenshot_Amatron4_Screen

Quick start menu
Thanks to the quick start menu, job data can be quickly and simply imported and exported (as an ISO-XML or pdf file). Help windows with hints and tips on the use and configuration of the terminal can also be accessed. In addition, practical-related settings, such as AUX-N layout, the brightness or the volume level, can be changed within seconds. 

1. The quick start menu enables changes to be made to individual terminal settings within seconds.
2. Quick import and export of job data.

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Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (2) AmaTron_4_am_Berg

Software licences for precise working

To meet all requirements, AMAZONE offers various fee-based software licences for AmaTron 4. The GPS-Switch basic or GPS-Switch pro, GPS-Track and AmaCam applications are already preinstalled, meaning that no additional software is required. They can be tested free of charge for up to 50 hours (AmaCam 10 hours). You decide afterwards whether you want to activate the licence permanently. The GPS-Maps&Doc function is included in AmaTron 4 as standard and is unlocked free of charge.

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (1) GPS_Switch_Saetechnik_100Prozent_120820_erweitert
Application when sowing: Position-dependent, automatic on/off switching for accurate placement of the seed

GPS-Switch basic
The GPS-Switch automatic headland and part-width section shut-off is a GPS-based, fully automatic headland and part-width section shut-off for fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers and seed drills. When a field has been created, or if the border is known, the driver, in automatic mode, can fully concentrate on controlling the vehicle. GPS-Switch basic features the full functional scope of ISOBUS TC-SC (Task Controller Section Control). Equipped with GPS-Switch basic, the operator terminal offers up to 16 part-width sections. Additional applications are also possible with GPS-Switch basic, such as automatic boom lowering with AMAZONE crop protection sprayers or the creation of a virtual headland, which is extremely beneficial when sowing.

1. Virtual headland
2. Field and application maps for different seed rates possible
3. Worked area
4. Cataya automatically switches off precisely

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (3) GPS_Switch_pro

GPS-Switch pro
Up to 128 part-width sections are possible with GPS-Switch pro, which is based on GPS-Switch basic. Very small 50 cm part-width sections can therefore be switched when spraying using individual nozzle control. In addition to an auto-zoom function when approaching the headland, there is also the option of marking obstacles, for example, pylons or water holes, and receiving warnings when approaching them.

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (4) 20200610_091143_Screenshot_Amatron4_SCREEN
Processing of an application map for part-area, site-specific cultivation tailored to requirements.

GPS Maps&Doc
GPS-Maps&Doc offers field-related and geo-referenced documentation via the Task Controller. Scheduled ISO-XML jobs can be processed or created with the Task Controller. You can start working straight away and decide later whether the data should be saved or not. Application maps can be processed in the ISO-XML or Shape file format. After the work has been completed, the jobs can be exported in ISO-XML or pdf format via a USB stick for documentation. In addition, ISO-XML jobs can be easily exchanged between the terminal and the agricultural software application via agrirouter and the myAmaRouter app. For ease of orientation, inactive field boundaries are displayed in the map view and fields are automatically recognised on approach. Activate with a click and off you go!

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (5) Catros-plus-8003-2TX-Super_Case_d0_kw_iDJI_0075_d2_180503
Thanks to GPS track, the driver always has an overview of the field. The parallel guidance aid helps you to relax and stay safely on track.

The GPS-Track parallel guidance aid makes orientation in the field considerably easier, particularly on grassland. It features both A-B line and contour line driving track modes. The wheelings are clearly numbered. Deviation from the ideal line is shown graphically on the display. Clear steering recommendations via the integrated light bar in the status bar keep you on track. The exact distance to the next track line is also displayed – for ideal orientation, such as for finding the right maize row. Furthermore, the current wheeling is indicated by the ISOBUS tramline control for seed drills, meaning that a tramline can be automatically switched according to the tramline rhythm set in the machine (ISOBUS tramline control Level 1). Apart from the familiar systems such as track markers or switching via the working position sensor, AmaTron 4 therefore provides an extremely comfortable option for tramline control.

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (6) AMATRON4-Screen04_d2_181218

Thanks to the software licence, AmaCam can automatically switch on an optional reversing camera when reversing. This dispenses with laborious switching and helps avoid dangerous situations behind the machine.

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AmaTron Connect (1)20190711_Neuheit_Terminal-Erweiterung_d0_cw_IMG_1647_d1_190808

AmaTron Connect – New ways for comfortable networked operation

With AmaTron Connect, AMAZONE provides a digital interface to a smartphone or tablet. The mobile device and AmaTron 4 are simply connected as a hotspot. AmaTron Connect enables use of the AmaTron Twin App as well as data exchange via agrirouter and the myAmaRouter App.

AmaTron Twin App – Clear display enhancement
The AmaTron Twin App offers the driver even more comfort in work, as GPS functions in the field view can also be operated via a mobile device (e.g. tablet) in parallel with machine operation in AmaTron 4.

AmaTron Connect (2) Display_iPad_ATT_UX01_Teilbreitenschaltung_Nachtmodus

Advantages of the AmaTron Twin
display enhancement: 

  • Use of an existing mobile device
  • Greater clarity –
    all applications in sight 
  • Comfortable control of GPS functions
    in the field view in parallel via the mobile device  
  • Clear, authentic representation
    of the working machine and its part-width sections

AmaTron Connect (3) NextFarming
Uncomplicated data transfer. Transparent and secure!

myAmaRouter App – For the on-line transfer of data between AmaTron 4 and agrirouter
The myAmaRouter App enables data to be exchanged between the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and the agrirouter, the manufacturer-independent data exchange platform. If an AMAZONE machine is to be used to carry out a task with job data (e.g. application maps), the data can be easily transmitted from a Farm Management Information System (FMIS) to AmaTron 4 via agrirouter and the myAmaRouter App. After the work has been completed, the job can be sent back and is available for documentation in an agricultural software application.

  • Simple data exchange between the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and the manufacturer-independent agrirouter data exchange platform
  • Easy and rapid transfer of job and task data without the need for a USB stick
  • More flexibility for data exchange and documentation

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Ihre Möglichkeiten in der Düngetechnik (1)

Your options for fertilisation

  • ISOBUS machine actuation
  • GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro – for the automated headland and part-width section shut-off of the fertiliser spreader
  • DynamicSpread (with GPS-Switch pro) for dynamic part-width section control with up to 128 part-width sections
  • GPS-Maps&Doc – with the integrated Task Controller for the automatic documentation of job-related data
  • GPS-Maps&Doc – different application rates on both the left- and right-hand sides for part-area, site-specific application
  • GPS-Track – visual parallel guidance aid for less stress on the driver
  • Parabolic part-width section control and HeadlandControl for optimisation of the fertiliser distribution on the headland
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Ihre Möglichkeiten in der Sätechnik (1)

Your options in sowing technology

  • ISOBUS machine actuation
  • GPS-Switch basic – automatic on/off switching on the headland and automatic half-side shut-off
  • GPS-Switch basic with AutoPoint – for optimum switching times on the headland
  • GPS-Switch basic – virtual headland simulation
  • GPS-Track with ISOBUS tramline control (Level 1) – automatic switching of the tramline for less stress on the driver
  • GPS-Maps&Doc – with the integrated Task Controller for the automatic documentation of job-related data
  • GPS-Maps&Doc – multi-bin function for independent control of the application rates of several materials via application maps
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Ihre Möglichkeiten in der Pflanzenschutztechnik (1)

Your options for spraying

  • ISOBUS machine actuation
  • GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro – automatic part-width section control for maximum precision
  • GPS-Switch basic – automatic boom lowering prior to switching on the nozzles
  • GPS-Switch pro – precise switching in 50 cm part-width sections
  • GPS-Maps&Doc – with the integrated Task Controller for the automatic documentation of job-related data
  • GPS-Maps&Doc – part-area, site-specific application for the efficient use of operating resources
  • GPS-Track – visual parallel guidance aid for less stress on the driver
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Ihre Möglichkeiten in der Bodenbearbeitung (1)

Your options for soil tillage

  • Part-area, site-specific application of fertiliser and/or seed in just one pass
  • GPS-Maps&Doc – with the integrated Task Controller for the automatic documentation of job-related data
  • GPS-Track – visual parallel guidance aid for minimising overlaps and misses
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