AmaTron 3 - Einer für alle.



AMATRON 3 for fertiliser spreaders

AMATRON 3 enables you, for example, with an AMAZONE ZA-M fertiliser spreader in conjunction with the Comfort electronic pack, to electro-hydraulically access the Limiter border spreading device and the hydraulic shutter slides as well as for the forward speed related rate regulation.

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Light bar

As a possibility, an external light bar display (option) is available for installation in direct view; keeping the AMATRON 3 at the side for ideal operation.

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Automated field-related documentation (ASD)

The ASD interface for the utilisation of sensor technology (e.g. Yara-N-Sensor®, N-Sensor ALS or Cropmeter), application maps or GPS terminals for the transfer of predetermined values and documentation with different solutions is part of the comprehensive range of equipment of AMATRON 3. Sensors and the determination of actual values of external terminals is carried out via this connection. At the same time, the documentation is available in AMABUS. The automated job related documentation (ASD) is a product and manufacturer overlapping documentation concept for the transfer of field related data between the AMATRON 3 operator terminal and the electronic job file. The interface utilised is available to all manufacturers. With ASD, the farmer is given the possibility to integrate all machinery into the documentation chain simply and at a favourable price. 

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The IT-Farming concept makes AMATRON 3 a universal terminal for operation, rate control, monitoring and documentation of seed drills, sprayers and fertiliser spreaders. Via defined and open interfaces, data exchange with other IT Farming technologies is achieved

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AMATRON 3 for field sprayers

On AMAZONE UF mounted and UG and UX trailed crop protection sprayers, AMATRON 3 enables, in addition to the operation of the control chest and boom functions, the fully automated regulation of the pre-determined application rate (l/ha). Defined rate changes are quickly and precisely carried out.

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The name AMABUS applies to AMAZONE implements that feature a job computer and which so far has been operated via AMATRON+. This is as oppose to ISOBUS implements and terminals that fulfil the ISO standard and which are also compatible with other non-AMAZONE implements meeting this standard.

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Clear – logical – operator-friendly

AMATRON 3 is equipped with a VGA screen for maximum contrast and a wide angle of view. Needless to say that the screen and all the operating keys are back-lit for the highest ergonomics even at dawn and dusk.

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Task Controller (job management)

Task Controller allows the data recording on the machine and the data exchange between the machine and a farm management system. For this the standardised ISO-XML data format is utilised. Depending on the level of sophisication possible - download or the creation of jobs, - processing of jobs, - documentation of the work done, - exporting the data for the further processing with the aid of a USB stick. TC-BAS – Task Controller basic Describes the documentation of summarised values which make a sensible overview of the work completed. The implement makes available the values. The data exchange between field job file and Task Controller is carried out via an ISO-XML data format. Thus, jobs can be conveniently imported into the Task Controller and/or the finished documentation can be exported again. TC-GEO – Task Controller geo-based The additional possibility also exists to collect site related data – or to plan site specific related jobs, for example via application maps.

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AMATRON 3 for seed drills

On AMAZONE seed drills, AMATRON 3 is utilised for the electronic tramline control. Here also you can change the application rates in freely selectable steps. On the trailed Cirrus seed drills, the comprehensive electro-hydraulic functions, such as sowing depth or the intensity of soil tillage are operated via AMATRON 3

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GPS-Switch: Automatic headland and part-width section control

The optional GPS-based, fully automatic headland and part-width section shut-off for fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers and seed drills which are GPS-Switch ready. Once a field has been created or its boundaries are known, the driver can concentrate fully on vehicle guidance in automatic mode. GPS-Switch provides the full range of functions of the ISOBUS TC-SC (Task Controller SectionControl). The benefits: + The modular design of the system makes it possible to use existing GPS systems as position sensors, e.g. for track guidance. This reduces costs. + Concentration can be devoted to driving and the trailed implement. + In addition to high comfort for the driver, GPS-Switch offers significantly higher application quality and safety. + Night work and higher speeds are possible. + The system always works with the same precision regardless of the time of day or night. This means that an optimum result can always be achieved and documented with the aid of the headland and part-width section shut-off. + Depending on the area structure, savings of up to 5% are possible. + The most important machine data is also displayed in the GPS-Switch view for plant protection and sowing. + GPS-Switch can also be retrofitted to existing AMATRON 3 machines as an option.

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GPS-Track, the GPS-based parallel guidance aid

The optional GPS-Track parallel guidance aid makes orientation in the field considerably easier. It features various track modes such as the A-B line, contour travel and an obstacle function. The tracks are clearly numbered all the way through. Deviation from the ideal line is shown graphically on the display. Clear steering recommendations keep you on track. In addition, the distance to the next tramline is accurately displayed, thereby making orientation considerably easier, e.g. for locating the right row of maize. A light bar for mounting directly in the field of view is also available as an option. The benefits: + GPS-Track is an easily and intuitively operated GPS-based parallel guidance aid with a clear display and indication of the deviation in cm. The graphic display of a steering recommendation helps you to relax and stay safely on the correct track. It's never been easier to stay on course! + Ideal for working on grassland or at pre-emergence time – you will never have to count rows of maize again. + Can be operated in conjunction with GPS-Switch or also standalone, e.g. when cultivating. + GPS-Track features an obstacle function: Store any obstacles and be warned about them in good time in future. + The perfect supplement for your GPS-Switch! + GPS-Track can also be retrofitted to existing GPS-Switch terminals and AMATRON 3.

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All from a single source!

Thanks to the AUX-N feature, you can operate multiple functions of the machine via AmaPilot+ or any other ISOBUS multi-function joystick.

The benefits of AmaPilot+:

  • Almost every function to hand via the 3 levels
  • Adjustable palm support
  • Freely-programmable and individual button allocation
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