One machine for versatile arable farming

High output

The FTender from Amazone can be used with a variety of connected implements across a wide range of applications. Coupling and uncoupling is quick and easy thanks to the quick-release connectors on the hose pack.

For those who want more – FTender: 

  • Modular software and hardware for use with different connected implements 
  • Conveying systems for AMAZONE seed drills and precision air seeders for sowing cereals, rape, maize, beet or with soil tillage machinery for sowing catch crops and for deep fertilisation 
  • Open conveying system or pressurised system for optimum application rates 
  • Large hopper capacity for long periods of use 
  • FTender with tyre packer and/or additional weights 
  • Single conveying system for Precea

Model: FTender 1600
Capacity (l): 1,600
Hopper (m): single tipped
Conveying system: open/closed

Model: FTender 2000
Capacity (l): 2,200
Hopper (m): single tipped
Conveying system: open/closed

Model: FTender 2.200-C
Capacity (l): 2,200
Hopper (m): twin-tip
Conveying system: closed

Frontanbaubehälter FTender (4) FTender2200-C_d0_kw_P6225168_d1_210812
FTender 2200C with a split hopper for even more flexibility in sowing