Optional equipment for complete versatility – Front packer, filling auger, cyclone separator

Zubehör für den vielseitigen Einsatz

T-Pack F front tyre packer – Reconsolidation between the tractor wheels 
AMAZONE also offers the FTender with the T-Pack F front tyre packer as an option. The FTender with a front tyre packer with passive steering shows its strengths as a seed hopper during sowing and ensures good reconsolidation between the tractor wheels.

Advantages of the T-Pack F front tyre packer: 

  • Good reconsolidation between the tractor wheels 
  • No restrictions in the field of view at the front thanks to the integrated raised transport position 
  • Load relieved from the front axle of the tractor during sowing 
  • Additional ballasting possible 
  • Simple and safe uncoupling of the front tyre packer allows solo operation

Optimum field of view 
The extremely compact design of the FTender allows comfortable handling of the large mounted front hopper. Even the front tyre packer is integrated in such a way that its transport position does not restrict the field of view.

Cyclone separator 
The optionally available active dust separator reduces the dust load in the conveyor system and increases operational reliability, especially in dry operating conditions.

Additional weights 
Optional additional weights allow the mounted front hopper to be ballasted with up to 900 kg. Ballasting of up to 300 kg is possible for the FTender with the T-Pack F front tyre packer.

Zubehör für den vielseitigen Einsatz (8) FTender1600_Cenius_Fendt_d0_kw_P7108288_d1_201103
FTender in road transport – excellent visibility on the road and in the field
Zubehör für den vielseitigen Einsatz (9) Avant3000_MasseyFerguson_d0_kw_P8186362_d1_201103
“The front packer can also be conveniently locked in the upper position and so the tank lowered another 25 cm for a better view of the road - nice.” (“profi” – Driving report “Everything for TwinTeC“ · 1/2021)