Overview of FertiSpot with granular fertiliser

Aufbau von FertiSpot mit granuliertem Dünger (1) Fertispot_1713_d1_230823_CMS

The Precea precision air seeder with FertiSpot for granular fertiliser placement has a fertiliser hopper with fertiliser metering just like the traditional precision air seeder. The metering regulates the desired application rate per hectare. This can be varied using application maps. In conjunction with individual row shut-off, the fertiliser can be switched off across each row in wedge-shaped fields and tapering headlands via Section Control.

The mineral fertiliser is transferred from the fertiliser metering system to the FertiSpot fertiliser portioning unit. The fertiliser flow, which continuously enters the portioning unit, is gathered together by a high-speed portioning rotor. It leaves the unit as a portion and is delivered to the fertiliser coulter. The control of the portioning unit and delivery of the seed are synchronised. Control is provided via the Precea ISOBUS control system. The further development of FertiSpot means that the fertiliser can now be delivered both as a portion directly under the plant as well as a portion between the seeds.

FertiSpot system overview - as a whole 

  1. Fertiliser hopper: Supply of the under-root fertiliser 
  2. Metering unit: Quantity of fertiliser metered 
  3. Portioning unit: Portioning of the fertiliser 
  4. Fertiliser coulter: Entry into the soil