SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation – The same placement depth in all soil types

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (1) Precea6000-2CC_Deutz_d0_kw_DJI_0228_d1_220114

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (2) hydraulischer_schardruck_ohne_automatik
Hydraulic coulter pressure without an automatic system with inconsistent placement depth | 1) 30 bar

AMAZONE offers the SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation system for the folding Precea precision air seeder as an add-on to the hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment.

The particular feature with this system is that the driver does not stipulate the coulter pressure, but rather sets the contact force in the terminal. This contact force is checked by measuring pins in the field. The contact force varies due to different soil types, as the soil acts differently on the unit. The hydraulic system regulates the coulter pressure meaning that the placement depth remains constant. This means that the coulter pressure will be adapted to suit the various different soil conditions on the move. This makes it easier for the driver and results in a more even field emergence.

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (2) hydraulischer_schardruck_mit_automatik
Hydraulic coulter pressure with automatic system for consistent placement depth | 1) 30 bar 2) 50 bar

Simultaneous maintenance of a consistent placement depth and optimum pressure ensures high field emergence and provides the basis for good yields.

Maintaining a consistent placement depth on varying soils or with uneven reconsolidation is a particular challenge for the technology and the user.

SmartForce regulates the required coulter pressure on the basis of the contact force measured on the PreTeC coulter. This ensures that the intended contact force and the placement depth are maintained under all soil conditions.

SmartForce relieves the driver and enables a consistently high quality of work under all conditions.

Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (4) Precea6000-2FCC_Fendt_d0_kw_P4060894_d1_220228
The measuring pin registers changes in the contact force on varying soils. The ISOBUS-controlled SmartForce system then automatically evens out these fluctuations. As a result, the placement depth remains the same under all soil conditions.
Automatische Schardruckregelung SmartForce (5) Precea-Detail_d0_kw_P6225234_d1_211006
The coulter pressure is automatically adjusted via the hydraulic cylinder