ZA-TS 3200 mit Claas Axion

Optimum plant growth thanks to the correct nitrogen supply

Actually on-line sensors are the ideal tool for supplying the appropriate amount of Nitrogen. During fertiliser application, they measure the supply available at the plant. Within the restraints of the pre-determined values, the required amount of fertiliser for an optimum plant growth is then calculated.
Via the serial interface (RS 232) all ZA-TS spreaders with AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and other compatible ISOBUS terminals offer an optimum access to all on-line sensors available in the market (e.g. YARA N-Sensor, FRITZMEIER ISARIA, CLAAS CropSensor, CropCircle, OptRx, GreenSeeker). Via the AMAZONE on-board computer, the calculated amount of fertiliser is directly entered in to control the machine. For documentation purposes, the actual applied amount of fertiliser applied is recorded.