e-box – the innovative gearbox for your rotary harrow!


The direct drive! A simple angle drive redirects the power only once and connects directly with the tine carriers. That saves fuel as fewer gear wheels mean less internal friction, less heat generation and less wear. The highest torques only appear directly at the rotor shaft. That provides a high level of durability and reliability, and puts less stress on the tractor.  Rotor Speed Change: simple and quick The rotational speed of the tines can be changed by interchanging the two bevel gears. This system allows optimum adaptation to any soil conditions, can be easily managed and is cost-effective because no additional replacement gears are required.  KE Special: Only 850 kg over 3 m e-box is lighter than other gearboxes. That saves weight and requires less lifting power. Even smaller tractors can lift this rotary harrow.