Easy pulling for maximum acreage outputs


The basic equipment of the trailed machines Catros+-2TX with 7 m, 8 m and 9 m working width includes a centre bogey chassis. Catros+-2TX-machines are characterised by their smooth travel because the weight of the running gear evenly rests on the disc section and the following rollers. In addition the weight of the running gear increases the even penetration of the machine into the soil. Thanks to the centre running gear Catros+-2TX-machines are very manoeuvrable. An additional benefit is their operational flexibility as numerous possible following rollers are available. The Catros+-2TX is equipped with serrated or smooth 510 mm diameter discs and thus allows working depths from 5 to 14 cm. The hydraulic working depth adjustment of the Catros+-2TX is standard. The stepless setting of the ram results in a twisting of the disc mounting segment, changing the working depth. So, when changing the working depth, the readjustment of the support wheels is not necessary.