Fast on the road


The smaller trailed Cenius 4003-2TX and 5003-2TX are equipped as standard with the 400/60-22.5 tyres, whereas, on the wider 6003-2TX to 8003-2TX, the oversized 550/45-22.5 tyres are fitted as standard. As an option, these are also available for the Cenius 4003-2TX and Cenius 5003-2TX. For the wider models, 700/40-22.5 tyres are available as well. When equipped with air braking, high speed transport of up to 40 km/h is permitted.

“In transport the Cenius TX safely travels on its over-dimensioned running gear.”
(traction – working test AMAZONE Cenius 5003-2TX Super · 3/2016)