Fully automatic hydraulic stone safety release


Instead of springs, the hydraulic solution uses a hydraulic cylinder which is connected to a nitrogen-filled piston accumulator. The hydraulic pressure can be smoothly adjusted, which consistently guarantees optimum ploughing with the greatest possible ease. When triggered, the plough body pushes a piston into the accumulator via the hydraulic cylinder. The gas is compressed and automatically returns the body to its initial position after passing the obstacle. This is the High-Tech fully-automatic solution. Advantages: + Simple uncomplicated design + Practical release characteristics + Interchangeable ball joints + As standard with shear bolt + Smooth action which protects the materials through gentle lifting and pull-in + Simple adaptation of the trigger force for different soil conditions + Increased lift height for even better safety over large obstacles The hydraulic stone safety release is available in 2 versions: Compact accumulator (picture 1): In this version, the piston accumulator is combined directly with the hydraulic cylinder to form a compact unit. Additional Advantages: + The elements function completely independently of one another (no influence on trigger force) + Elements can be precompressed independently (e.g. first furrow) + No hydraulic hoses or pipes on the plough frame Compact accumulator with hoses (picture 2): By connecting the individual elements and one stop valve for each, all of the advantages of the compact accumulator can optionally be utilised. By opening the valve, the following further advantages can also be used: Additional advantages: + Adjustment of the trigger force for all elements in one single movement (even whilst driving) + Similar pipe cross sections mean that the elements have only a slight influence on one another