Hydraulic top link for AD seed drill combinations


In order to utilise the soil tillage implement also as a solo machine, AMAZONE offers the hydraulically adjustable top link for all AD seed drill combinations which are equipped with either a KW 580 wedge ring roller or the PW 600 tooth packer roller. With the aid of this specific lever design, the top link is deflected between the soil tillage implement and the seed drill in such a way, that the seed drill is tilted forwards when the piston rod is extended. This means the coulters and following harrow are raised by a minimum 100 mm and the tines of the soil tillage implement are made deeper in the soil by approximately 30 mm. In this position the machine can be utilised for primary cultivation in the field. Here there is the additional advantage of making a clean pre-work in the field corners as well as having more ground clearance when turning on the headland.