Metering cassettes for any type of seed


Special metering cassettes for different application rates precisely and gently deliver the seed up to the distributor head. The three metering cassettes supplied as standard cover up to 95 % of all seeds. Other metering cassettes, for instance for maize or specialist crops, are also available.

The interchangeable metering cassettes are suitable for the following application rates: fine seeds (approx. < 15 kg/ha), medium sized seeds (approx. < 140 kg/ha), normal seeds (approx. > 140 kg/ha).

Metering cassettes for different seed types

  1. 7,5 ccm: e.g. for rape
  2. 210 ccm: e.g. for barley, rye, wheat
  3. 600 ccm: e.g. for spelt, oats, wheat